Philly Amateurs

Philly Amateurs

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Mike Bradley watches his new car being stolen. Inspired, Bradley steals twenty new Cadillacs himself. But—he steals them from a mob-owned dealership. Buoyant, crisp, funny, Philly Amateurs is whimsical and tough, filled with unique and memorable characters.

232 pages, cloth, published by University of New Mexico Press

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Richard E. Peck takes us on a wild ride through the City of Brotherly Love in his latest crime novel… lively writing style, filled with eccentric and unforgettable characters. this dark comedy moves to a very surprising yet satisfying conclusion. – Luann Wolfe, The SouthWest Sage

…filled with fun… great characterization – Lola R. Eagle, Reading New Mexico

…another larcenous gem [by] New Mexico’s answer to Donald Westlake. The opening takes off like a rocket. – Robert Kresge, author of Murder for Greenhorns

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