One Jim West


An academic/black humor/highly literate story of a representative university…but not your alma mater – for which, give thanks!

paperback, 228 pages, published by REPertory Publishing
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Jim West – trapped in a “perfect job” – is inclined both to enjoy and to escape tat perfection in the imaginative blend of genres: an academic/black humor/highly literate story of an embarrassing typical university and one man’s meltdown. An absurdist comedy.


…satirical romp through the academic world. All the characters have their own distinctive voices, the prose is insightful and witty, and the story descends inevitably into chaos. Highly enjoyable. – Prof. Joseph Patrouch, author of The Science Fiction of Isaac Asimov

…filled with insights gleaned during [Peck’s] administering years… contains amalgamations of the strange and complicated, not to say psychotic, characters that make the academics life… challenging. …[Peck’s] novels are imaganative, intriguing, and beautifully written. – Prof. William Halloran, UWM Dean Emeritus

…a funny, witty, illuminating and merciless look at the inner workings of lower-level academia, its frustrations, subterfuges… and its disdain for the less literate. Not only realistic… from a former university President who’s worked with… such people in the flesh… but [also] well-written and engaging… – C.F. Roe, MD, author of Berlin Rules

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