All the Courses in the Kingdom

All the Courses in the Kingdom

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The only golfer to play all 43 courses in Fife, Peck has written a player’s tour filled with golf trivia, historical traditions, and verbal sketches of this golfer’s paradise . . . the book you’ll want to re-read.

126 pages, cloth, published by REPertory Publishing

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Everyday golfers from all over the world cross oceans and continents to visit the Kingdom of Fife in Scotland, to play a round of a lifetime at the birthplace of golf, the old course at St. Andrews. All the Courses in the Kingdom offers a fascinating tour of all forty-three courses in Fife, from municipal to championship layouts, 9 hole and eighteen, challenging, available, inexpensive, and all only a few miles or yards from the old course.


Author Richard Peck clearly relishes the memories he gained in playing these courses… (e.g.,) the Jubilee Course at St. Andres using hickory-shafted clubs. The book… will let you enjoy these wonderful courses with him. – Golf Today

…may be one of the true hidden gems for any globe-trotting golfer[‘s] library… – Bob Fagan Reviews

…even the non-golfer will enjoy…this book. – Lola R. Eagle

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