Strategy of Terror

Strategy of Terror

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A mesmerizing thriller which takes the reader on an international terrorist hunt. The author presents the contradictions of political life in Italy and the clandestine operations of intelligence agencies of both left and right. Strategy of Terror is marked by crisp, distinctive dialog, unforgettable characters, and the Italy that tourists never see.

340 pages, published by 7 Locks Press
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This book is loaded with action and diabolical characters. It keeps the reader wondering how the protagonist can possibly survive.” — Joseph Badal – Author of Terror Cell and The Pythagorean Solution

…sophistication and plotting expertise… romantic bondings gently simple… exciting, romantic, well-written… ‘excellent’ will do… Peck gets better with every book. – Reading New Mexico

The pace is superb, the knowledge of Italian and Swiss locations masterful, and the characters – even minor ones – crisply drawn, complex and clearly motivated.”… – Amazon review

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